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The Fenfire Foundation is a Finnish not-for-profit association (incorporation in progress), whose purpose is to further technical means of managing information.

Members of the Foundation are all individual persons. There are no formal qualifications for membership, but each member candidate is evaluated individually by the executive committee, who makes the final decision on whether a candidate is admitted to the membership.

Members have statutory and regular privileges, thee most important of which is a vote in general meetings of the Foundation, the organ exercising supreme authority in the Foundation. An annual Fall Meeting elects the Executive Committee, which exercises executive authority in the Foundation, as well as the Auditors who audit the administration and finances of the Foundation as the membership's representatives. The auditors present their report to each annual Spring Meeting.

A member is obliged to pay a one-time admittance fee and an annual membership fee, both set at the previous Fall meeting. In 2005, the admittance fee is nought, and the membership fee is 10 euros. The fees are payable by cash to the Treasurer (currently Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho) after admittance to the membership. If cash payment is inconvenient, alternate arrangements can be negotiated.

One who wishes to become a member of the Foundation must inform the Foundation of this wish. The notice must be in writing (an email is acceptable) and explicit. The notice must include the candidate's full official name, a casual name to be used in correspondence, the official place of residence, and contact information (a postal address and an email address, if available). The notice must also include a statement from the candidate that he or she approves of the purpose of the Foundation. The notice is addressed to the executive committee and mailed to the secretary in charge of membership at

The Fenfire Foundation / Executive Committee
c/o Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho
Helokantie 1 A 16

or emailed to (subject should include the words The Fenfire Foundation). A candidate cannot be admitted to the membership if the notice is incomplete.

The following sample may be useful in crafting the notice:

From: John Smith <>
Subject: Becoming a member in The Fenfire Foundation

To the Executive Committee of The Fenfire Foundation

I approve of The Fenfire Foundation's purpose and herewith
seek membership in it.  My contact information:

 Mr. John Smith
 42 Example Drive
 Cabot Cove, ME 52110

My full official name is Jonathan Barksdale Smith and my official
place of residence is Cabot Cove, Maine, the United States of
America.  For casual use of my name I recommend the form John


The Fenfire logo (a purple flame)