Vision of Fenfire

Everything has to do with everything else.

All information you store in your computer has something to do with other things you also store there. The complaint letter you write to your online bookstore is a response to the overly high bill they've send you. The photo your best friend emailed you was taken on your shared holidays in Italy, and the poem you've written yesterday was also conceived there. The Aunt Mary whose birthday you enter into your calendar is same as the Aunt Mary in your address book, the same person that borrowed your book about old English sheepdogs (which you have to remember to ask back from her).

Fenfire is a desktop environment which allows you to express these relationships.

Fenfire, currently in the early stages of development, is based on RDF. In Fenfire, all applications store data in connected RDF graphs. In RDF, "anyone [is] (technically) allowed to say anything about anything;" for Fenfire, this means that any application in the system can add information to any 'object' created by itself or by any other application.

We are developing techologies to view such connections (example).

Fenfire is a Free Software project.


The Fenfire logo (a purple flame)