The Fenfire Foundation

The purpose of The Fenfire Foundation is to further technical means of managing information.

The Fenfire Foundation is a not-for-profit association that acts as the legal umbrella for the Fenfire project. The Foundation aims to be incorporated under the Finnish Associations Act (rekisteröity yhdistys).

Membership in the Foundation is open to individuals who approve of the Foundation's purpose. If you are interested, follow the instructions.

Official documentation

Since the Foundation is being incorporated under Finnish law, official paperwork is prepared in Finnish. English translations of key documents are prepared as time permits.

Executive Committee

Executive authority in the Foundation is exercised by the Executive Committee, also known as the Board, elected for a one-year term by the fall general meeting.

In 2005, the Executive Committee consists of

  • Matti Katila, president
  • Tuukka Hastrup, vice-president
  • Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, treasurer, general secretary
  • Janne Kujala

Minutes of decisions and meetings of the Executive Committee:

General Meetings

Supreme authority in the Foundation lies in the General Meeting, to which every member is invited and where every member has a vote. Regular General Meetings are held biannually, one in spring and one in fall of every year.

  • An extraordinary general meeting has been called to take place in early August 2005.


The Fenfire logo (a purple flame)